A: The minimum opening investment amount for the Halal fund is N10,000.00
For investors who wish to invest consistently in the fund, a monthly investment amount starting from N5000 is possible.

A: Halal fund, Lotus Eduplan, Lotus Financial Health Plan, Hajj Investment.
Kindly contact us on customercare@lotuscapitallimited.com to request for a financial advisor to discuss your investment options.

A: Lotus Capital is an Ethical Investment Company. Ethical: No Alcohol, No Tobacco, No Adult Entertainment, No Interest. We are socially responsible.

A: Its an open ended investment so you can invest as much as you want to.

A: We do not collect cash here. Payment should be made to any branch of Citibank/Nigeria International Bank.

Account name : First Trustees/Halal Investment Fund

Acct No: 0011612017

Sort Code: 023150005

A: You can easily monitor your investment by setting up an online account. Please go to the Lotus Capital homepage www.lotuscapitallimited.com to register. And you can also view the prices which are displayed on our website, please click Nigerian Capital Market. We also send a formal valuation report annually.

A: Lotus Capital aims to acknowledge customer enquiries via email or phone call within 48 hours.

A: For the Halal fund, you would be receiving a certificate with the amount of units taken out specified on it.

A: To redeem your investment in the Halal fund, a duly signed redemption form should be sent along with the issued certificate to any of our offices closest to you. Your bank details (Nuban number of either a current or savings account) should be stated clearly on the form as redemption proceeds would be credited to the account provided.
Please ensure that your signature on the redemption form is the same with the signature you signed when purchasing the investment. If you have changed your signature from the time of purchase, obtain a banker's confirmation of signature from your bank and send it with along with other redemption documents mentioned above.

A: This will take a maximum of 10 working days to process.

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