The Lotus Capital Hajj Investment (Hajjii) is an Investment Plan developed by Lotus capital to enable intending pilgrims put aside and grow their wealth with the sole purpose of performing pilgrimage. Hajji is unique in that it invests only in shariah compliant asset backed transactions. This unique feature ensures that the source of wealth for the holy exercise is preserved from unlawful earnings.

The Lotus Hajji plan is for individuals, corporate bodies and sponsors with the clear objective of setting aside certain amounts periodically for the purpose of hajj. The investment is liquidated 2 months before the hajj travel date. With our expertise as fund managers and diverse investment portfolio we ensure that your hajj funds are invested the Halal Way!

Plan your journey ahead.

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pdf   Download Lotus Hajji for 3yrs and above

pdf   Download Lotus Hajji Agreement - 2yrs and below

pdf   Download Lotus Hajji - for 2yrs and below

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