Our Financial Advisory services provide organizations with the proper advice in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters. We create innovative cost-effective strategies for capital funding and project development. We work as your independent financial advisor to help evaluate, plan, and implement financial plans that meet the needs of your organization for both short and long-term success.

Our goal is to add value to your business by ensuring that return on capital exceeds cost of capital by designing, implementing and monitoring financial plans, and if need be, providing a liaison with the financial community and investors. We stress the importance of having a well-defined business plan that is accurate with current information to support your strategies and financial projections. A properly developed business plan will include information that helps you run your business more efficiently and likewise help investors realize the future potential of your enterprise.

Our Issuing House service is managed by a team of professionals with impeccable skills and competence in raising required funds to execute and managed project. We have over the years established competence in issuing Sukuk (Islamic Bond) structured to serve corporate institutions, government and its agencies.

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