Lotus Halal Fund
Loyalty Scheme

The Halal Fund Loyalty Scheme is an exciting program where Lotus Capital appreciates investors by rewarding them with free units in the Halal Investment Fund. The scheme creates an opportunity for loyal investors of our flagship product, the Lotus Halal Investment Fund to earn free units every 90 days.

Under the scheme, your investment amount places you on different levels, beginning from level 1 up to level 8. Regular investments in the Halal Investment Fund will result in movement across different levels, thereby earning you an increased number of free units in the Fund.

How can you participate in the Loyalty Scheme?

  1. Simply invest a minimum of N5,000.00
  2. Get placed on a level
  3. Do not redeem for the next 90 days and earn free points
  4. Invest on a monthly basis to earn even more points
  5. Allows for prompt payments of school fees
  6. Enables payment of fees without borrowing


Simply Invest a minimum of N5,000.00 to get placed on a level. New customers will be required to submit completed subscription form, KYC documents (ID card, recent utility bill and a passport photograph) to qualify (click here)

Invest a minimum of N5,000.00 without redeeming to earn points and free units.

Lotus loyalty scheme rewards you with free points which will ultimately earn you free units in the Halal Fund every 90 days.
This is dependent on how much you invest, the duration of investment and the frequency of the investment. Frequency refers to how often you top up your investment.

Participating in this scheme increases your units in the Halal Fund which in turn increases your returns on investment. The more you invest the greater the units accrued to you and returns on your investment.

Yes, they will if they have not been redeemed and remain in the register on dividend closure date.

For a maximum period of 360 days.

At least 90 days after they are rewarded.

Yes, you must invest a minimum of N5,000.00 in the Lotus Halal Investment Fund. To know more about the Halal Investment Fund click here