Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund



The FIF is an open-ended collective investment scheme which invests strictly in Shari’ah-compliant fixed income instruments and contracts such as sovereign and sub-sovereign sukuk, corporate sukuk, Shari’ah-compliant fixed term investments, murabaha (cost-plus financing) contracts and ijarah (lease) contracts.

The Shari’ah compliant nature of the Fund ensures that all investments are ethical. Therefore, the FIF will not invest in interest bearing instruments such as treasury bills, conventional bonds or conventional bank deposits.The fund will also not invest in the stock market in order to avoid the associated volatility. The FIF has been approved by Lotus Capital’s Shari’ah Advisory Board as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Fund seeks to attract investors interested in;

  • Low Risk
  • Liquidity
  • Capital Preservation
  • Shari’ah-compliant investment
  • Competitive returns
  • Portfolio diversification and
  • A regular income stream

The FIF has a forecast Return on Investment (ROI) of 11%, 14% and 15% for 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. The Fund’s returns will be determined by the performance of the underlying assets and therefore, may deviate significantly from the forecast. Notwithstanding, the Fund intends to distribute 80% of its returns to investors on a quarterly basis.

To invest kindly complete the application form, transfer funds to the account details below and contact us on invest@lotuscapitallimited.com

Bank: Citibank (Nigeria International Bank
Account Name: STL / Halal Fixed Income Fund
Account Number: 0011612093


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