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At LOTUS Tribe, we believe in the digital first approach towards creating wealth. We have therefore created this fun, flexible and secure platform for your investing activities. Our team of experts are also like the “financial bodyguards” ensuring that your investments are managed responsibly and ethically.

The LOTUS Tribe community also provides a hub for financial intelligence empowerment.

Halal Investment
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Profile test to know which investment is best for your needs.

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Setup how you would like to invest weekly, monthly or quarterly.

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Personalized based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Financial Literacy

Be a part of the tribe and gain access to financial intelligence and Halal finance knowledge

Halal Investments

Access to Lotus Capital Halal investment options that ensures investments are in line with your values

Investor Personality

Understand your investor behavior through profiling process

Automated Investments

Set up your personalized account and enjoy convenient and flexible automated investments.


Join our community, share insights and support one another in your investment journeys.

Financial Freedom

Grow your wealth with Lotus Tribe and fulfil your financial aspirations effectively.

Our Products

Investment Solutions Trusted by over 30,000 Halal investment seekers, since 2006

Fixed Income Fund

This an open-ended mutual fund that invests in Shariah compliant fixed income investments.

Halal Investment Fund

This fund is designed for investors with moderate risk tolerance and a medium to long-term horizon

Personal Finance Tools

Personal Health Planner, Zakat Calculator, Global Asset List
Net-worth Calculator

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